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Scaffold Erection and Inspection Training Course

Training Duration

5 Training Hours

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Course Overview

Unsafe scaffolding procedures can cause accidents, serious injuries and even death. Accidents involving scaffolding mainly involve:

  • workers falling
  • incorrect operating procedures
  • environmental conditions
  • falling materials
  • ladders

in this course we will discusses the general requirements of scaffold safety as well as the components, erection, use and dismantling of supported and suspended scaffolds. It details more specific guidelines for safely erecting, using, and dismantling each type of scaffold. It also describes important guidelines for conducting safety inspections of supported and suspended scaffolds. .

Other than Scaffold Erection and Inspection Training Course, We conduct more courses under the SAFETY AND HEALTH domain.

Target Audience

  • Occupational First Aid Providers
  • All interested in specializing

Course Contents

Course ContentDetailed Course Topics

This Training will cover the following topics:

  • Scaffold Erection Guidelines
  • Scaffold Access, Egress, and Use
  • Scaffold Components
  • Scaffold Dismantling, Maintenance, and Storage
  • Inspecting Scaffolds:

    Suspended, Single-Point, Two-Point, Boatswain's Charis, Catenary, Multiple-point, Multi-level, Float (Ship), Interior Hung, Needle Beam, Supported, Fabricated, Frame-supported, Tube and Coupler, Mobile, Pole, Bricklayer's Square, Carpenter's Bracket,
    Roof Bracket, Outrigger, Pump Jack, Ladder Jack, Window Jack, Horse, Step, Platform, Trestle Ladder, Plasterer's Decorators, and Large-area Scaffolds.

  • *Practical Training is included