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AutoCAD® 2D & 3D Certification Training

Learn designing using AutoCAD® design and documentation software through AutoCAD® 2D & 3D training!

Training Duration

24 Hours

Course Overview

The AutoCAD® training by Handasat Al Ebtikar Training Company familiarizes students with the basic features and commands to create and design drawings using AutoCAD® software. This AutoCAD® course is usually attended by Engineers, Designers and Architects who want to gain a better understanding about the tools and components of AutoCAD® architecture.

The AutoCAD® 2D and 3D training offers knowledge about:

  • Geometrical relationships
  • Managing 2D layouts
  • Various drawings tools
  • Planning and improving designs using AutoCAD®
  • Formatting and printing designs
  • Advance 3D concepts and surface modeling

The AutoCAD® course covers topics that teach students to create highly detailed plans and designs using AutoCAD® software for Engineering and Architecture industries.

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Architects

Course Contents

Course ContentDetailed Course Topics

AutoCAD® 2D Course Content

  • Introduction & understanding to AutoCAD®
  • Drafting settings
  • Draw tools
  • Assigning units
  • Modify tools
  • Geometric relationships
  • Object properties
  • Layers
  • Utility toolbar
  • Annotations (Mtext, Dimensions, Leaders, Table)
  • Hyperlink
  • Blocks, Design centre
  • Tool palettes
  • External references
  • OLE
  • Raster images
  • Creating group
  • Layout management
  • Plotting & printing
  • Set paper space

AutoCAD® 3D Course Content

  • Understanding 3D environment
  • 3D UCS concept
  • Forms of 3D models (Solid, Surface, Thicken)
  • Primitive & derived solid commands (Extrude, Sweep)
  • 3D draw & modify tools
  • Geometric relationships
  • Revolve
  • Loft
  • Polysolid
  • Press-pull
  • Solid editing
  • Advance 3D concepts
  • Surface modeling
  • Apply materials
  • Rendering models
  • Plotting & printing of 3D models