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Our CAD/CAM Courses

Computer-aided design and manufacturing, an integral engineering process, is one of the more favorable career options now-a-days. Right from the time when aspirants select an engineering discipline, several of them decide to pursue specialization in Engineering Design
The industry trend demonstrates a huge shift in working methodologies with major U.S. companies already outsourcing their CAD/CAM needs. Given the constant boom in the automotive, construction and civil sectors, a career in CAD/CAM field is highly promising for engineering candidates. The phenomenal automation capabilities of CAD/CAM software facilitate smoother and faster business functions. Used both for designing products and automating the manufacturing processes, CAD/CAM applications facilitate higher accuracy in the final output. CAD/CAM software is most often used for machining of prototypes and finished parts.
In terms of deciding which software to learn, the decision depends on the engineering field you come from – mechanical, civil or automotive. In case you are interested in gaining hand-on expertise in one or more such software